Hiroki's bench

Beneath the dying waves

Beyond their naming day

Before the stirring breath 

I found the last undying place


I reach out across the sea

Press my body against

the whimpering wind

And when this cliff just might refuse

to carry on 

I dive in




I’m a string without a tone

Ride the sky to the source of the sun

I’m the ages as they sweep across

a landscape on the run


And now I see the marionette

The static rising out of a current in the air

You were just a stagehand on the set

I can forgive I can’t forget




Driving through the autumn rain

Carrion carried on and on,

state to state

False peaks I see and still believe

I’m lifeless as these starched sheets


Fall to feel to shake it free

My soul a mise en abyme

for no one to read

You taught me how the seed erupts

Now I’m forever covered up