The clock ticks round, the seconds crawl

The weeks ahead loom like monsters

Just around the bend they lie in wait,

to seal our fate

For all the time that is to come

And I beg them all to leave

I pass around the heady hope

of starting over

How I beg them all to leave,

to leave without a trace

To come undone


Sometimes when they call me

Batten down the hatches, stay low

Flat on the ground I listen to the sound

Of their footsteps departing

But an echo still remains, I know it fades

But for now it won’t stop tapping

on my window pane

Firing on the switchboard,

must be tiring of them same old chords

They’re tapping on my window pane


I’m in their lair, showdown in my hand

Creeping corners call in foreign tongues

Tunnel turnings in the dark,

is that the glow of candlelight

Is this even my dream

Come tie a rope around my waist

and push me in

Whisper words that mend

Sing softly lilting lullabies

and sweet little lies

And paint a cushion for my pride