What have I done

Your time has come

Play your analeptic cards

We know who you are

What have I done

Your time has come

Try to sink beneath the earth

With your tin rattling curse


A melted wasteland on every side

Staked around with dismembered eyes

A chorus of screeches from the earth to the sky

Scratching and pawing the fever to life


And did you dare forget the basement

Did you try and skip a payment

Did you think to outrun us


What have I done

Your time has come

You can hide between the folds

We know where you go

What have I done

Your time has come

We come to revive toxic limbs

To be swarming again


Catcalls rise through clefts in the soil

They’re eyeing Olympus, freedom’s on hold

Insatiate spread through welcoming pores

Drawing libations on the bathroom floor


And did you try to observe

All the rites of the firm

Indistinguished as the dirt? 


What have I done?


I deserve you

Unadorned view

Cracks and columns all across my back


Rip my clothes off

And tear away the boys

They don’t know all the things I’ve done


I lay down my my tools

Dreams are untruths

Bind myself here till the day I die


I pay tribute

Write my skin anew

When the wind turned I was infested with flies