Sleepwalker, sleepwalker

don’t heed the call

hold the wool over your eyes 

a slip chain on heretic thoughts

Anchored in the bay 

she gave you shelter from the storm

slipped your mooring

and set a new course


Dawn’s fingers crept from your hair

to the ground

and danced upon your eyelids 

the morning bore down

The earth became cold 

the soft light untangled 

the knots of the night

and the notes of the angels


Sleepwalker, sleepwalker

you dared say the words

a stitch in time

you wrote your own curse

And you threw it out wildly

in the hope it would return

but it lodged inside her breast

and grew seven spurs


The city heard your cries

and it swallowed them whole

the streets rang the next day 

a warning for all

On the third day it was silent

the silence of the wind

down the tracks past the platform

blankets on the ground


How do I tie the threads into a circle?

How do I bind the end the bind the end the bind the end the bind the end the bind the end the..


As you woke the cost grew 

an eclipse of the mind

the bridge had grown thin

cause we’d walked it all night

And the night had spanned ages

but it still came up short

brief kiss of the tangent

and spinning apart


Sleepwalker, sleepwalker

I had little hope

every hour I could steal by the throne

was well bought

To flash before my eyes 

leave traces on my skin

feed the conflagration 

seeds for the spring